Nov 19, 2010


Another Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This will be our sixth Thanksgiving without Todd. Each year has been another painful step towards healing and in growing. The first year the kids and I ran away. That was fun, but a bit strange to be eating Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant so far from home. The second year I tried to just ignore it, but people found their way over here. The third year my sister brought us Thanksgiving dinner and I spent most of the day in bed....but did get up to eat some turkey with the kids! The fourth year was quiet, but we ate with more family, even though it was on paper plates scattered through the house. Last year my sister-in-law came over and cooked a big Thanksgiving meal, and we had a lot of people over. I don't remember much....just a lot of people and Kimmie doing all the work in the kitchen all day.

So you are wondering about this Thanksgiving? Well, my big brother is home with us, and he wants a BIG dinner with the entire family. My parents are flying up from The Keys, and I think this will be the first time my family will all be together for over 10 years.

But Todd won't be here. His seat at the table will be empty. His voice and laughter unheard. His loving eyes and beaming smile unseen.

Yet they say every year is a step closer to healing and growth. OK. Take another step forward, Wendy, keep walking...