Feb 17, 2010

5 Years Ago...

Well, I know I missed a LOT of emails since I last posted. To be truthful, they became more and more difficult to read and remember details of those days. I don't need an old email to remind of this day 5 years ago. February 17, 2005 was when Todd had his major surgery to remove the tumor on his right kidney. After the surgery, he was never the same Todd. He endured a stroke, lost his eye sight on his left side, had to fight numerous infections, and remained in the ICU at National Institutes of Health for over 2 weeks. This day, five years ago, is my first loss of Todd. He seemed so distant and confused for those last 2 and a half months of his life. I miss the Todd I had on this morning, five years ago today. I can still see his eyes looking at me with so much love, still hear his calm voice of assurance when we said goodbye, not knowing the future...I can still remember that day like it just happened.

I miss that Todd. I miss him more than I could possibly express in words.